XcL Midstream and Quorum Software Partner


HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quorum Software, the leader in digital transformation for the oil and gas industry, announced today that XcL Midstream, LLC, a growth-oriented natural gas midstream company, has selected Quorum’s integrated suite of midstream solutions to manage XcL’s gathering, transportation, condensate stabilization, processing and water business.

XcL owns and operates an extensive midstream system with delivery and interconnect points for up to eight interstate pipelines and two processing and fractionation facilities. As a small team that manages all scheduling, accounting, planning, contracting, gas control, measurement and SCADA, XcL required a partner to deliver an efficient, automated and integrated process to improve the business. “With myQuorum TIPS, we have cut our invoice processing time in half, and we are generating invoices five days sooner,” said Ryan Kerr, Director of Midstream Services at XcL. “Quorum has eliminated many of our manual processes and allows us to have more data at our fingertips, provide more competitive rates, and pass our cost savings back to our customers.”

As XcL’s throughput neared one billion cubic feet per day of lean and rich gas, the company added Quorum’s FLOWCAL measurement solution to support its accelerated growth. “FLOWCAL is the premier measurement application for gas and liquids, and we see a lot of synergies with myQuorum TIPS that make our nominations and scheduling process easier,” explained Kerr. “I think of FLOWCAL like a cash register. If our measurement is off by one or two percent, we’re taking away from our cash register. FLOWCAL ensures that our metrics are accurate and correct when every penny counts.”

In addition to a strong technology foundation, Quorum’s cloud platform and professional services team was critical to XcL’s success. “I was impressed with how the Quorum services team understood our business and rapidly deployed our solution in the cloud, despite working remotely,” said Kerr. “With our focus on cost savings, it’s been beneficial to take advantage of Quorum’s hosting environment to eliminate any upfront costs with servers and IT support staff.”

XcL has seen the following benefits as part of leveraging Quorum’s gas gathering, processing and measurement solutions:

  • Data Integration: Streamlined business processes for producers, marketers and schedulers with reduced processing time and greater data accuracy.
  • Automated Functionality: Increased efficiency and automation of contracts, inventory management, gas settlement and invoicing.
  • Trusted Measurement Data: All-in-one solution with centralized measurement data, a clear audit trail, and the ability to track lost and unaccounted for gas.

Quorum and XcL Midstream will be presenting a webcast via Oil and Gas Journal on September 16, 2020 at 10:30 am CT to share insights on how XcL defined its commercial business processes and implemented tools to save time, money and effort. The webcast will uncover XcL’s priorities and future plans, as well as specific benefits gleaned, including customer service improvements and avoidance of IT capital and overhead costs. Register for the webcast here.

Quorum’s gas gathering and processing software has been field-tested and proven for over two decades by thousands of users. It powers more than 350 gathering systems and pipelines throughout North America. Learn more at www.quorumsoftware.com/products/gathering.

About Quorum Software

Quorum Software offers an industry-leading portfolio of finance, operations, and accounting solutions that empower our customers to streamline operations that drive growth and profitability across the energy value chain. From supermajors to startups, from the wellhead to the city gate, energy businesses rely on Quorum. Designed for digital transformation, the myQuorum software platform delivers open standards, mobile-first design, and cloud technologies to drive innovation. We’re helping visionary leaders transform their companies into modern energy workplaces. For more information, visit www.quorumsoftware.com.

About XcL Midstream, LLC

XcL Midstream, LLC (“XcL”) is a growth-oriented natural gas midstream company formed to operate, develop, and acquire midstream assets in Southwest Appalachia, the most prolific gas region in North America. XcL currently owns and operates an extensive midstream system with delivery and interconnect points with up to 8 interstate pipelines and two processing and fractionation facilities, thereby providing shippers with access to over 90% of announced new takeaway projects and every major Southwest Appalachia index. For more information about our people, mission, and values, please visit www.xclmidstream.com.

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