MTX Group Launches Vaccine Management and Inventory Solution for Public Health Departments


MTX provides customized vaccine management solutions, including recently deploying the first cloud-based Vaccine Management Solution in the country with the City of Chicago.

MTX Group, a leading digital transformation services company for the private, education and government sectors, announced today a comprehensive Vaccine and Inventory Management Solution for State and Local Public Health Agencies across the nation. When a COVID-19 vaccine becomes publicly available, the technology solution will make it easy for agencies to quickly and accurately distribute, administer, manage, and report the real-time results using MTX’s cloud-based platforms combined with state of the art data visualization capabilities.

MTX recently collaborated with the City of Chicago to launch the first of its kind cloud-based vaccination management solution in the U.S., called GETVAXCHI, to prepare for the upcoming flu season and the COVID-19 vaccine release.

The MTX Vaccine Management Solution is unique as it will be fully customizable to meet individual state and local requirements. Built to meet each health department’s needs as they begin to process increased vaccine orders, the platform also assists with inventory visibility, dosage accountability, and oversight. Key features that make the managerial and operational functions unified include the administrative workflow, appointment reminders, QR codes for appointment check-ins, follow-up appointments, provider enrollment, order management and more.

MTX will continue to collaborate with cities, counties, and state public health agencies during this process to help create customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each Local Public Health Department. A customizable solution will help make it easy for health clinics to schedule, monitor, and administer vaccines seamlessly and make it easy for patients to schedule vaccination appointments, follow up booster appointments, and receive reminders. MTX also has the tools to report health outcomes, safely and securely in real-time.

MTX Founder and CEO, Das Nobel, stated:

As the clinical trials are underway, MTX is also working tirelessly to ensure local and state public health departments are ready to handle the entire vaccination process from beginning to end. We are making it easy for agencies to follow all of the CDC guidelines and HIPAA regulations to maintain trust and transparency with the public.”

MTX has been a trusted partner to government agencies during the pandemic by deploying Emergency Response Management Solutions to tackle the various effects of COVID-19 quickly, efficiently, and securely. The solutions included health monitoring, unemployment insurance application claims, emergency child care, and isolation services for higher education, to name a few.

MTX CTO Gaurav Kheterpal, added:

”Vaccination Management is the last and perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle as the world prepares in hope for this pandemic to end. Once the COVID-19 vaccine is eventually available, it will require a robust vaccine management solution to operate at an unprecedented scale and high efficiency for maximum impact in a short span of time. Our teams have been working hard for several months to bring our cutting-edge Vaccine Management solution to cities, states, and countries to help regulate and efficiently manage their COVID-19 vaccination and immunization programs."

“Vaccinating entire communities is a complex process with a multitude of factors to consider. Our team has built a sturdy vaccine management system that seamlessly addresses the intricacies of mass vaccine administration for the immunization programs”, adds Namrata Kumar, MTX Senior Vice President, Health and Life Science. 

About MTX Group

MTX Group Inc is a global implementation partner powered by the Maverick Artificial Intelligence platform that enables enterprises to become fit-enterprise by migrating to cloud technologies. Also a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner and a Google Cloud Partner, MTX has a strong global presence, with locations in New York, Frisco, Jaipur, and Hyderabad India. They have successfully completed hundreds of projects to date designed to help organizations and government agencies serve their stakeholders in today’s technologically advancing world.

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