Digital Platform Launches Connecting Chinese Market Directly to Sought Out Brands


First-of-its-kind Digital Application Provides Direct Connection Between Chinese Market And Exclusive Sought-after Brands To Break Down Barriers, Build Brand Loyalty And Ensure Authentic Transactions

Avocado is a breakthrough digital platform connecting Chinese consumers and brands globally, working to unite creators, audiences and e-commerce through meaningful, emotive experiences. Slicing through cultural and geographical barriers, Avocado delivers powerful connections and seamless transactions between Chinese fans and international culture.

Confirmed partners working with Avocado include the NBA x Jack & Jones China exclusive streetwear drop, and leading global athlete Cristiano Ronaldo. Additional brands and limited-edition drops will be announced throughout October and November.

As a direct bridge for west to east, Avocado delivers curated user-generated content within a stylized engagement and discovery platform supported by Tencent. Within the platform, leading brands can grow, manage and communicate 1-to-1 with their audience, utilizing Avocado’s roster of digital creators to promote their limited-edition items and exclusive drops to their respective, loyal followings.

Making a bold entrance to the world stage in a time when brands and content creators are fatigued in their efforts to cut through into saturated markets, Avocado’s platform empowers them to interact directly with their intended audience. A refined concept with years of development behind it, Avocado’s vision was born out of the lived experience of its global founders, along with U.S. president Joe Crawford who started his career as an All-American in High School and a University of Kentucky star.

“Avocado gives the world’s best content creators full artistic freedom, while simultaneously delivering uninterrupted shopping experiences for audiences mid-stream, putting premium entertainment, fashion and lifestyle products directly into the hands and hearts of fans, which is something I have always been passionate about,” said Joe Crawford. “In building our platform vision, I’ve woven in my lifelong experience from creative freedoms and athleticism of childhood to the structure, education and focus that came from performing with the best, drawing insights and strength from every uncomfortable situation along the way. It’s all coming together seamlessly, giving Avocado real understanding and support of our talent and brand partners with integrity through each groundbreaking opportunity.”

Joe was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2008 and ended up playing for the Beijing Ducks in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). Since entering the business world, Joe has been an intersection of cool, street culture in his hometown Detroit, working with developing seller relationships for Stock X and having his own (or being an investor in) successful culturally impactful ventures.

During his long career as a high-performing athlete, Joe saw first-hand the results of hard work for talented performers, brands and creatives, alongside the many ways they suffer without control of their brand IP (intellectual property), opportunities or own platform. In bringing Avocado to market, Joe aims to help the whole eco-system control the opportunities that come from their dedication, with a platform they can own to monetize their value.

Strengthened with an international team of his equals of Australian Samuel Pearton with over 10 years of experience in China working with the world’s leading celebrities as well as facilitating clothing and apparel e-commerce efforts to China on behalf of NBA superstars Steph Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo; Carrie Jia who is a recognized Chinese thought-leader working in the intersection of technology, fashion and celebrity; and Richard Ramsey who is a revered figure in the U.K. music industry with a roster that has included Grammy, Brit Award and Oscar winning clients.

During Samuel’s time living in China, initially based in Dalian, one of the rarest delicacies to find in local markets was the avocado – an everyday Australian luxury grown in abundance on his home soil. In crafting Avocado as a platform, Samuel aims to make premium experiences abundantly accessible to international consumers.

Avocado has recently completed an initial fundraise with shareholders such as 2020 Ventures – an early investor in Spotify, Airbnb, and disruptive blockchain art registry Artory – along with other strategic family offices across America and Asia Pacific.

“To succeed, you’ve always got to be ready to take a leap of faith,” added Crawford. “But most important is knowing you’ve got a network you can trust to share your morals, vision and ethics, and with Avocado, we’re really levelling that playing field.”

Get a taste of Avocado’s prestigious creators and partners by visiting, For more information and collaboration inquiries, and access to partners and talent, please contact Avocado U.S. president Joe Crawford at

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