KindHealth Concludes 2020 With $4 Million in Funding


KindHealth, an Austin-based, all-in-one digital health insurance platform, is thrilled to make a capital announcement regarding the company's 2020 performance and future prospects. KindHealth finished 2020 with a $4 million round of funding.

KindHealth is co-founded by Albert Pomales, Andrew Tomasik, Mark Adams and John Constantine. When the team realized how difficult it is for so many Americans to find quality, affordable health insurance, they set out to disrupt an antiquated industry. KindHealth has helped thousands of Americans get insured, save on prescriptions and medical bills, and make smart recommendations for health insurance. KindHealth offers a full insurance marketplace of health, dental, vision, prescription discounts, and Medicare insurance on a digital AI-powered platform that includes more than 250 insurance carriers and important plans. Consumers need better, more intuitive ways to manage their healthcare spending, and KindHealth aims to fill that need.

KindHealth was built to be more than just a health insurance company - the company is also a brand, an agency, a tech platform, and a health insurance consumer's best friend, providing crucial resources and information to find and enroll in a health insurance plan that best suits each consumer's needs and lifestyle.

The team relied upon their nearly 75 years of combined experience and unique backgrounds to bring KindHealth to life. Together, their experience in health insurance and entrepreneurship has opened their eyes to the pain points in health technology, learning that listening to the consumer is the best way to invest in new, more profitable ways to grow businesses.

"After putting our heads together, we realized that we could create a way to help consumers save money on insurance and medical bills and avoid the risk of overpaying," said Albert Pomales, co-founder and CEO of KindHealth.

Co-founder Andrew Tomasik added, "We want to revolutionize the health insurance industry to benefit consumers, and, using our combined expertise, we believe we are well on our way to doing so."

KindHealth is committed to helping consumers navigate the intricacies of buying insurance during the pandemic. Due to the extension of open enrollment until May 2021 in many states, KindHealth is looking to grow awareness of their services and support they can provide any person over the age of 18, regardless of employment status. The smart platform helps consumers find the best individualized and low-cost health insurance.

Due to the coronavirus emergency, the period of open enrollment for individuals to enroll in a health insurance plan is now February 15 through May 15. KindHealth can provide support to any person, age 18 and up, employed or not, to find the best health coverage to fit their needs and budget.

The KindHealth team is eager to move forward with their mission, fund their operations, and help people stay safe and healthy with insurance plans that work for them.

About KindHealth

Austin-based KindHealth has helped thousands of Americans get insured with health and health-related products. Their digital savings platform provides smart AI-driven insurance recommendations, medical bill auditing, prescription savings and more, solving the consumer's ongoing need for better, more intuitive ways to manage their healthcare spending. Visit

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